Wednesday 8 July 2020
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The Role of Cabal in the Epileptic Power Supply in Bayelsa


Now let me state from the outset that you all(or at least those who have known us for a while) know that we at Sayelba Times are not a Medium that countenance, let alone promote any sort of Conspiracy Theories. Still, despite our cynicism and skepticism, when diverse people from different walks of life who are neither connected in any way nor know one another are saying same thing, it is worth giving their thoughts another thought and look. It’s against this background that we are today looking at a story about the current darkness in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital.

Word on the Streets have it that the deterioration of Power supply in Yenagoa and environs after the yuletide season is due to an unholy alliance between the Providers of Power (mainly from the PHED) on the one hand and a Cabal of private business people who benefit from darkness in the State led by a Kpansia based Electronics dealer and an Edepie based Petroleum Marketer.

According to the uncomfortable reports from multiple informed sources, the Merchants of Darkness bribed some people high up in the private power company to seize power in a bid to boast Generators and Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) sales.

The stories have it that although this unholy union has been in place for years and is not peculiar to Bayelsa State as every State in Nigeria has its own Cabal of Darkness, during the Yuletide power supply improved to the chagrin of the Bayelsa cabal because the person in charge was ‘White’ (European or American) who refused to play ball with them, just as the good people in the Bayelsa State Ministry of Power had earlier refused, thereby frustrating the evil plans of the cabal. So having failed to bribe the White PHED official in charge of Bayelsa they conspired with people high up in the Company’s Port Harcourt head office to remove the person. Since then power supply has been terrible.

The sources said save for few times when there are problems with the transmission lines that require the attention of the Transmission Company of Nigeria, all other times, PHED officials deliberately switch off power supply to serve the interest of their confederates, the merchants of darkness.

However, unfortunate for them, at the moment, the vast majority of Bayelsans don’t have the purchasing power to buy fuel at exorbitant prices let alone new power generating sets. So in the end, their evil plans are not working as planned. So they paid the bribes in vain, while the city remains pitch dark most nights, thereby creating a conducive environment for men of the underworld to operate smoothly.

At the moment if these reports are anything to go by, then PHED is only getting away with it because majority of homes in Bayelsa State do not have Meters. So in order for Bayelsans to escape situations like this, real or imagined, they must not only start asking for Meters but PREPAID METERS that will enable them pay only for power consumed.

SAYELBA TIMES is therefore calling on the Bayelsa State Government, the House of Assembly and the owners of PHED to investigate this issue that could impact more negatively on their huge investment than ordinary Bayelsans eking a living as well as the security of lives and property in the State. The Government and Assembly should ensure that Bayelsans are not exploited by instructing the Company to provide Prepaid Meters and stop the current practice of Estimated Billing where Bayelsans must pay bills even when power is not supplied.

Finally the Government should task PHED to provide Transformers and other things needed to provide power to the people they bill on a monthly basis even without power. The current situation where residents provide and fix their own Transformers when they develop faults is unacceptable and very irresponsible of the company.


Bayelsans should not be allowed to suffer because of the greed of a few private individuals.

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