Thursday 2 April 2020
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November 16th is a day to be remembered in the political history of Bayelsa State as the day the people recognized and used the power of the PVC against the power of millions and intimidation.

As a PDP man, I worked tirelessly to deliver my unit PU003, YELGA Ward 1, Yenagoa for the party but I’ll not deny myself the opportunity of thanking and congratulating my Bayelsa brothers and sisters who defiled all odds and spoke LOUDLY through their votes.


Beyond the obvious victory of the APC, there are lessons one could learn from the outcome of the election among which are:
1. Real power resides in and with the people and they can choose to give to whomever they believe in, so when gotten don’t deny them their little dues,
2. No one can grow above his people. The people made you who you are so also they can bring you down when they so desire and cry to God,
3. Don’t temper with the people’s only source of happiness when given an opportunity. The salaries of civil servants and their grades and gratuity for retirees are sacrosanct because it has a way of affecting even the unborn child and every area of our lives.
One thing I know is that the election was not between APC and PDP, DIRI and LYON (both are good sons of the land) but BAYELSANS and DICKSON SERIAKE who claimed to be the shark that would eat his own people.


I congratulate the APC for the victory, I congratulate  DAVID LYON the in-coming Governor of Bayelsa State. Above all I congratulate BAYELSANS for recognizing the power of that small card called PVC in their hands.

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