Friday 3 April 2020
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The Free Advice Series Pt1: Don’t Burn Bridges – By Fortune God’sSon Alfred


In the days to come, I have taken it upon myself to once more provide pro bono advice on Strategy to many whose fortunes would have been better if only they humbled themselves to seek counsel when it matters and are now on their roads to perdition and many others who may be on their roads to destruction if not properly guided. YOU ARE WELCOME!

In this first part of our series, I want to talk to you about Bridges.

It has now become a usual ritual for Politicians in our climes to swift their party affiliations close to and/or after major elections.

Thus in the coming days, weeks and months there is most likely to be a mass exodus of politicians from the tendency that lost to the one that won the November 16th Governorship election.

In the past, I used to lampoon many who crosscarpet  after playing critical roles in the decaying power, but I no longer do so as I have come to accept this as a concrete reality and a recurrent decimal in our polity.

More so, I have come to realize that people have the right to leave their parties if they don’t feel welcomed or do not feel they are the appropriate vehicles to achieve their aims. So I now accept that Defections is now a usual pre and post election ritual here.

Nonetheless, my advice to those who are about to defect now is that as you switch formal political affiliation, do not burn the bridges with the party you are leaving and your colleagues in it. Do not feel the pressure to try to impress your new team and start bashing the former. This will not earn you any respect even in your new political home.

Our politics is very fluid. The wind of fortune cannot really be easily predicted here. A Party that was derided as Boko Haram Party just four years ago has just won the highest office in the State.

So be very careful what you say because this Social Media driven Communication regime is very unforgetful and unforgiving. Your past comments will be produced when your move.

When you decamp prove your worth. Show the new party your assets not by castigating where you are coming from. You might need to return there sooner or later.

The bottom line is, don’t burn your bridges.

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