Monday 26 August 2019
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Pullah Ekpotuayerin: Message of Appreciation


Yesterday was a remarkable day. The Lord gave me the same grace he made me to receive in the year 2011. He did not allow me to enjoy that first victory perhaps because I would have wasted it due to my naivety. I am thankful to him because he has made it abundantly clear that not every grace is for victory, some are for training. He has given me this opportunity today to sound a testimony of his divine mercy. For my patience, the Lord has favoured me with the Burutu 2 Constituency ticket for the Delta State House of Assembly.

I was overwhelmed by the love displayed in my favour by the PDP family through the massive support and solidarity. This is unprecedented. I am hopeful that, with this type of formidable unity and love of party, we are sure of defeating any party in the general election of 2019.

The humility and maturity of my fellow contestants give me the hope and assurance that PDP is indeed on the path of democracy. I congratulate them and commend the love in oneness attitude they demostrated.

I thank all members of my campaign organization,all delegates and the teeming supporters. This is the beginning of the journey, be prepared with your intellect, resources and energy for the task ahead. I also appreciate the party leadership for providing the right environment for a free and fair contest.

Once again, thank you all.

Pullah Ekpotuayerin
PDP Candidate DTHA- Burutu 2 Constituency.

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