Monday 6 April 2020
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On Sex Doll — By Aluzu Ebikebuna Augustine


Growing up in Nigeria, one will easily find out that fornication and adultery is highly reprehensible yet the act is incessantly engaged in by parties on all sides of the divide. Those who condemn fornication publicly secretly engage in the act and those who abstain from it does so for various reason not only religion. This article will give insight to the issue of sex doll with regards to what the liberals, feminists and conservatives say about the latest and much talked about invention of man. The issue of sex doll looks complex as the debate rages on between friend and foes of artificial nymphs, leaving one in a state of oscillation. This article is set to counteract standard anti-sex doll arguments and clear the quandary for proper decision making.

The objective of this post is mere academic exercise with the sole aim of acquiring more knowledge about the pros and cons of investing in the sex doll business as well as acquiring one for personal reasons, while looking at standard arguments advanced from all sides of the divide.

Having embarked on an opinion sampling exercise about the subject of sex doll, the topic on religious grounds is more convincing and many pro-sex doll advocates may be willing to concede but one question that seem to be their eureka remains “how has not daring God changed anything in life” adding that the continuous desire of man to prove nature has led to many discoveries and inventions which has in turn translated to social, economic, scientific and educational discoveries. This argument cannot be sustained with the invention of nuclear weapons and other inventions that now threatens the very existence of man. But what threatens the existence of man more than an all powerful God capable of wiping us all out with just a stroke of his hand?

In as much as I tried not get trapped into making it a religious issue- it is not- it is a human right issue; a social justice. Moreover, sex is strictly a choice. This issue concerns the agnostics, atheists, pagans, omnists and theists. Nobody is exempted. I cannot take away the fact that it is also an issue of a morality which can not completely be extricate from religion. But religion and morality are not totally one and thesame thing. It is a matter of ratiocination. This goes in line with Kant’s assertion that morality is based on reason and reason alone.

Without much ado, I have gathered the difference views into what I call “school of thoughts”. These scholarships include the liberals, feminist and the conservatives. We shall now examine the various schools of thought on the issue of sex doll.

The liberals comes off as the free thinkers. This group argues that there is nothing inherently wrong in having a sex doll as long as the person acquiring is of full age. They can also be called legalists.

They argue that sex is a choice and it is not the business of the law to pry into what a man does in his inner room. According to the liberals, the issue of sex doll does not require any moral bearings.

They argue that morality stems from law and it will be difficult for morality to develop without legal enforcement. Thus, if the law does not expressly prohibits making love to doll, then there’s nothing wrong in it.

Some of the arguments advanced by this group include the right of man to make his own decisions. They believe in the freedom of every individual. However, the conservative argues that freedom without restraint is bondage.

The liberals stress the social benefits of the invention which will include the reduction of gender based violence.

The legalists argue that the invention is capable of satisfying people’s sexual cravings which may be seen as dehumanizing if done to a natural person.

This argument has been punctured that violence though it may be gender based, it still cuts across all social standings. As a matter of fact, one of the proponents of the conservative school, Grace Kalu argues that sexual violence is not only caused by high libido.

Another argument advanced is that the sex doll Industry can be a great employer of labour which is economically advantageous, like owning a sex doll brothel which already is in place in Germany which will ultimately contribute to the countries GDP.

This school is otherwise known as the religious school of thought. This school argues that the desire of man to perfect his environment and world is his own albatross. One of the proponents of this school Abel Edna argues that the invention is capable of provoking God because it shows that man is not satisfied with creation. This argument, according to liberals cannot be sustained because the phone with which Abel Edna used in reacting to the issue is a creation of technology like the sex doll.

Other proponents like Debekeme Powedei and Obele Wolisi had argued that the invention does not solve anything as others still prefer natural to artificial. However, the liberals have argued that the invention is not to solve man’s natural cravings but to provide man with an alternative.

The conservative also stress about the fact that a doll can never replace or give a man the satisfaction a woman does, no matter how we try to arm twist the truth. A doll can never give a man the warmth the body of a woman gives to a man. A doll can never be like a woman. A doll can never have the wetness, warmth of a real vagina. A doll can never have the magical sensation of orgasm. Nothing matches the body heat of a man and woman and the hotness that is felt in between the hugging, kissing and blood flow remember that the doll will never change sex position by herself, the man has to position the doll himself to any position he want. However, it can be argued that the sex doll is still under process of perfection. With time, all these will happen.

The conservative argued that sex doll will soon demand for rights to be accorded them if perfected and this will lead to them getting married. The problem this will pose will be their inability to procreate. However, it has been argued that not everyone goes into marriage for the purpose of procreation. Also, with artificial insemination, the issue of procreation should not really be a problem.

The liberals has accused the conservative of grandstanding saying they are not against the invention of the doll, but the idea of a doll having sex. The liberals believe, according to Uduak Idiong that as long as it’s not degrading humanity, whoever can afford and wants to purchase a sex doll to fulfill his/her fantasies can go right ahead. But one thing we should know is that it borders on psychopathy and the thrill of dominance.

While Sam Saviour Udeme argues that the conservative has a problem with what it does “sex” and not the fact that a doll (robot) that looks almost exactly like a human was invented. Therefore, the conservative is not concerned about the inherent value of the invention. He further argued that people have their different views on sex, you say its spiritual others may not agree, so the idea is bad to the conservative but good to others.

The Feminist are neither here nor there in the argument.

What is your take on this? Join the conversation. Drop your comments below.

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