Tuesday 25 February 2020
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Nigeria’s Growing Technology Recession And The Solar Eagles Drive For An All Solar-Electric Revolution.



* Ex Africa semper aliquid novi – Out of Africa always something new

– Pliny the Elder

It is not in doubt that Nigeria continues to be eaten up by the devastating economic quick sand of brain drain, anti-intellectualism and technological recession by the day. In a recent national scenario published widely across all Nigerian dailies, Senator Ike Ekweremadu and the majority of the Nigeria senate reneged on a bill sponsored by Senator Ben Murray Bruce for an Act to be passed to phase out petrol vehicles by 2035 and introduce electric cars to drive the futurist economic fortunes of the country.

Nigeria is a nation battered by years of a litany of technologically backward policies that will see her remain fervently behind other fellow African nations given her leadership’s lack of vision, as also a need for a total full scale scientification of the average mind and citizen science growth. The Deputy Senate President sighting the ancillary to section 41 of the 1999 constitution which grants freedom of movement to Nigerians, alongside Senator Barau Jibrin (APC-Kano) were on the same pages giving reasons why a forward thinking national aspiration as the bill by Senator Bruce was an uncommon common sense bill in complement but one which needed to be assassinated in its tracks so as to sustain our unfortunate serfdom to the Oil and Gas deposits of Nigeria which is a resources as it stands that has been relegated and in effect phased out of the energy compulsions of the global economy, making way for better sustainable renewable energy systems as Solar energy amongst other viable green options to ensure environmental preservation. Coal gave way for petroleum in the early industrial age without warning, the main frame gave way for the desk top and the cumbersome telephone for the smart phone in your palm now.

The Survival of the fittest is a phrase that originated from the well known Darwinian evolutionary theory which expresses a methodology of explaining the mechanism of natural selection and as it stands the economic nature and realities of today’s climate change and global warming riddled world has selected cleaner energy processes over the previous and dangerous carbon emitting systems of the internal combustion engine which is over a century old. It is clearer that when the philosophy of Afroxiology, Social Engineering and Ambivalence of Human Interest is applied to the decision making scenario of the Nigeria Senate on the subject matter of electric cars and Nigeria’s leadership holistically the findings empirically reached show a bleak future for our nation on all fronts especially because we as a people have aborted the search for knowledge and willingness to pursue technological change, adaptability, a viable talent harnessing conveyor-belt mechanism and growing the culture of research and development. The Nigerian and African system is reactionary and not proactively frontier and innovative, therefore we will remain economically impaired compared to the rest of the world. A firm known as Heureka Ent. Ltd in a far-sighted need to engage the future and bridge the solar-electric car gap and general power quandry has aggregated a group of very competent home grown scientists and technology talents with global affiliations for the past 6000hours (6years) to form the Nigeria SolarEagles National Team. They have further assumed the responsibility to undertake the journey to begin pushing for the establishment of an Act to birth the Nigeria Solar car Federation (NScF) to engage with the world body the International Solar car Federation (ISF) to bring technology transfer to Nigeria and consequently capacity building and decent jobs as mandated by the SDGs.


The SolarEagles are constituting the innovative R&D knowhow to build and test the intelligent Eaglemobile “9Jabolt” solar car due to compete at the World Solar Challenge in Oct. 2019 in Adelaide, Australia. An event known as the World Cup of Solar-electric cars and that will impact heavily on Nigeria’s future and positive economic expansion. Their Team Captain and Chief Scientist is Ebisike Ebube George. Furthermore, in a recent development, the SolarEagles Software Management Lead Abraham Fiifi Aggrey has been honoured with a fellowship award by the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC-Nigeria), a reputed certification recognised in over 50 countries of the world, signposting a story of indigenous Nigerian talent(s) making global impact irrespective of the challenges on the black continent. Fiifi Aggrey is also techie behind @Ibomapps(google). Other partners include SAF, SATFORMS LTD, Cleantech Germany, Mars One amongst others. The SolarEagles have received no support from the current President Buhari administration. A few days ago a Sierra Leone delegation was in Nigeria on a working visit of the Innoson Motors plant. They sought to invite the Innoson industrial powerhouse to setup operations in Sierra Leone and thereby impact their home automotive industry and inspire greater economic fortunes, given Innoson’s rise beyond the hurdles of a power deficit and several setbacks in the largest African marketplace.

Unfortunately Innoson Motors is being hounded nearly out of existence in Nigeria similar to the issues of Ibeto.


It’s key to visit this numbing technology subject matter and backwardness, because its a death blow in the long run for the Nigerian economy, in line with its impending population explosion, need for a very modern transportation architecture, alongside the increasing green house gas (GHG) levels which will plague the Nigerian populace’s health in the near future. Nigeria has one of the largest respiratory infection rates and cancer burdens in the world. Nigeria is 16years from 2035 and by then humans will have established a permanent colony of Mars, read up on NASA and Bas Lansdorp’s Mars One Project. It is also noteworthy that Nigeria must strive to meet up its responsibility to fight global warming as we are signatories of the COP23 Paris Climate Change Pact and our nation’s inability to exploit the electric car and entire renewable energy industry of the future means more energy poverty, ask the 96 year old Arthur Ashkin, the 2018 Nobel Prize awardee and scientist who has developed a cutting edge solar energy solution for industry application. Our deliberate naivity in Nigeria also means a perpetual technological and economic recession, a guaranteed lack not to meet up with the much needed decent jobs quota for our further expanding youth population meaning super restiveness, the dearth of a profitable future sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem and the total spiraling into a noncompetitive society as a nation. This means further scientific and infrastructural poverty and is certain to commit us to failed statehood when other African nations as Rwanda, Kenya, Egypt South Africa to mention a few are taking bolder brave growth laden steps to their future, youth population, energy sufficiency and stability.

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