New Tricycle Shaped cars Hit Lagos Roads after Okada/Keke Ban


Following the ban on motorcycles and tricycles from five local government areas and major highways in Lagos by the state government, new mini-cars with the shape of tricycles have been spotted on some highways in the state.


The ban on Okada and Keke as they are fondly called became effective on February 1, 2020, amidst outcry from residents and operators.


Despite the outcry that trailed the ban, the state government said there is no going back on the proscription.


The decision forced many commuters to resort to trekking several kilometers to major bus stops where they would get buses.


To mitigate the hardship the ban has placed on the people, the government also rolled out new BRT buses to cover some of the areas where Keke were previously operating, still, commuters continue to groan as the buses couldn’t meet the needs of residents in some areas.


Well, it seems some residents have decided to devise other means to solve the transport woes that have bedeviled the state in the past few weeks.


Some new tricycle-shaped cars painted in the yellow and black Lagos commercial vehicles colours have been spotted on Lagos road


A Twitter user tweeted the photos of the new cars.



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