Wednesday 8 July 2020
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Naija Girl Sells Car Gift From Boyfriend to Fund Wedding Another Man


A Nigerian man identified as Dr. Max Vayshia has taken to Twitter to reveal the ordeal of his friend who was recently betrayed by his girlfriend.

According to Max, his friend fell in love and began dating the girl since January 2017, sponsored the girl in school, bought her a Toyota Corolla and also rented a well-furnished apartment for her.

As time went on, she kept insisting on “no sex before marriage” and he adhered to her request. Later on, she traveled home to see her parents and after then, her lines were switched off and he didn’t hear from her again.

After a while, he heard she had not only gotten engaged, but she also sold out the car to sponsor the wedding with her newfound boo. She also leased out the apartment to another person.

See the tweet below:


tweet below:

Dr. Maxvayshia™ 🇦🇺 🇳🇬@maxvayshia

So my guy here fell in love with this laiskin babe January 2017 and they had been dating ever since then. Man got her admission in a polytechnic and paid her fees althrough, feeding, accomodation and whatnot. Girl graduated and man bought her a Toyota Corolla. All these while…

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