Monday 6 April 2020
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Mr. Eazi Says He Left a $6k Per Month Salary in PH to Pursue Music

Mr. Eazi is obviously one of Nigerians rising stars in the music industry today but the singer has revealed how and where everything started from.
The musician was a guest on BEAT FM’s ‘Morning Rush’ program, where he gave a detailed account of how he started out life on a 9-5 job before diving to music.
When asked where the story begin, he said: “After I came back from Ghana, I got a job in oil and gas in Port Harcourt that paid about six thousand dollars per month but I quit because I was not finding fulfillment in it.”
The Star Boy Record Label artist went further saying,
“I mean it was the same thing every day, the same routine over and over again. The decision to quit the job finally hit me when my boss’ wife left him even with all the money he had.
After I left my job, I got my Masters degree and with all that qualification I started selling phones in computer village and everyone thought something was wrong with me.”
Even my mother started praying special prayers for me but my father didn’t add that final voice that would have decided my fate.
My break finally came after I got an invite to do two shows in London that made me twelve thousand pounds which I used to shoot two videos.
When I told my mother what I did with the money she stopped talking to me for about three weeks.
I had to move in with a friend because even my relatives didn’t want me around but everything finally changed when I went back to London for shows that fetched me really good money.”
Mr. Eazi, the pioneer of Banku music – a fusion sound he describes as the mixture of “Ghanaian bounces, Ghanaian highlife, Nigerian chord progressions, recently slammed his fellow Nigerian artist in what he called imitation of his kind of music.
He made this known when he was a guest on Capital Xtra‘s Reggae Recipe. He discredited their use of Ghanaian elements on their songs saying,
“Now everybody is using words like Banku, Shitor, Maami, Odoo, Sika. My guy, how come? How do you know Odoo? How do you know Sika? How do you know Maami? From where, what’s the connection?”
“It’s just like an American artist just rapping about something in the UK, and you know he has no knowledge of it.”
However, fellow artist, Runtown took a swipe back at Mr. Eazi as he responded by on his twitter handle saying, “Bout to drop that new sound again and pls Don’t get mad when I finish what you think you started”
This is not the first time Mr. Eazi is making inciting statements concerning this same issue. Earlier in January 2017, he received a lot of backlash for tweeting about Ghana music influencing Nigeria music.

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