Wednesday 23 September 2020
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May… – By Fortune God’sSon Alfred



May our days be fruitful this from this month
May divine goodness and mercies accompany us
May we grow in health and wealth
May fortune dwell richly with us

May we get closer to our dreams
May our hope never be shattered
May we be enveloped in God’s love
May we not be ensnared

May our sins be forgiven
May we grow in Wisdom
May we receive as we have given
May our understanding blossom

May love reign in our hearts
May death not come close to us
May Ayiba be our refuge and Fortress
May the wrath of Ayiba be far from us

May we know and love Ayiba more
May we honour Ayiba with our thoughts,
May we glorify Ayiba with our words
May we edify Ayiba with our deeds

May the Pinions of Ayiba be our shields
May Ayiba satisfy our longing souls
May Evil not be reaped for our good seeds
May we be inspired to innovate

May our Young see visions
May our Old dream dreams
May Ayiba’s Spirit pour on us like fresh dew
May we be paid our dues

May we love righteousness and justice
May truth light our path
May honour be our guide
May we be greater than our fathers

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