Wednesday 8 July 2020
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Like Buhari, Like Tompolo


It is utterly hypocritical for anyone to shout on rooftops that Citizen Government Ekpemupolo AKA Tompolo should obey court Orders when his neck is on the line and not task President Muhammadu Buhari who is safe to do same.

If the President of the Country does not obey court orders, why should Tompolo?

President Buhari took an oath on the 29th of May 2015 to uphold and defend the spirit and letter of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ( as Amended). So his disdain for the same law he swore to uphold may have served as an example for Tompolo and many others to emulate.

The basis for the obedience citizens give to the law is the belief that everyone else will do same. This is the underlying principle that propels the Law. The social pact must be served (obeyed) by all, including the high and mighty.

It is not in Tompolo’s interest to obey the order of the court to appear before EFCC when he cannot be assured of fair hearing and equity.

Why should anyone obey the law when it has being rigged against them?

Why should any sane person obey an order to submit himself to a legal system that is based on the presumed guilt of accused persons by a President that has transformed himself into the Prevy Council to review Court Judgments in the land?

What is playing out in our legal system is akin to Thrasymacus’ conception of the justice, which sees law and justice as “what is to the advantage of the Ruler.

When Socrates pushed him to explain what he meant, here is what Thrasymacus has to say: “Don’t you know then … that some cities are governed by tyrants, in others democracy rules, in others aristocracy?… And is not this the thing that is the strong and has the mastery in each — the ruling party?… And each form of government enacts the laws with a view to its own advantage … and by so legislating they proclaim that the just for their subjects is that which is for their — the rulers’ — advantage and the man who deviates from this law they chastise as a lawbreaker and a wrongdoer. This … is what I understand as the identical principle of justice that obtains in all states — the advantage of the established government.”

This is an anachronistic system that should not be encouraged anywhere.

The law should serve the interest of all citizens, equally irrespective of their station in that society.

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