Wednesday 23 September 2020
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PORT HARCOURT — These are not the best of times for the Ijaw Youth Youth Council (IYC) as alleged hired assassins with AK 47 numbering about four, on Friday invaded the residence of its National General Secretary, Engr. Emmanuel Bristol Alagbariya brutally murdering one of his personal assistance Sylvanus Otueneh in cold blood and scaring the life out of everyone they met after realizing that the target man was not around.

The IYC scribe who has been fully engrossed in preparation for an upcoming Rivers Ijaw Summit’ in commemoration of 58 years of the Henry Willinks minority commission and celebration of some revered heroes for their selfless contributions towards the recognition of Niger delta, was said to have convened a meeting of the Rivers Ijaw summit organizing committee at his residence. While committee members were waiting for him to join them in the meeting a bus belonging to the National Secretary drove into the compound and was swiftly followed by the assassins who were all along laying siege outside his compound. They surrendered everyone believing that the national secretary was in the bus, but to their disappointed their target man was nowhere to be found. 

In that frustration they proceeded to the room where the committee members were about to meet and ordered everyone to lie flat, it was at this moment that one of the gun crazy assailants for unverifiable reason decided to shoot and kill the personal assistance of Alagbariya.

Engr. Emmanuel Bristol Alagbariya has been a committed and frontline youth neck deep in crusade to better the lot of Ijaw and Niger Delta youths. The Rivers Ijaw summit expected to honour Late Chief Harold Dappa-Biriye, Major Jasper Isaac Adaka Boro, Dr. I J M Fiberesima, Chief U.O Ekeneokot and Chief P. J Warmate for their contributions to the Niger delta, Rivers State and Nigeria was another initiative put together by Alagbariya to create the needed awareness and drive a process that will address some of the predicament of youths of Rivers state. A whole lot of people have continued to express shock why assassins will want him dead with such assassination attempt on his life even as they say it will continue to be an indiscernible puzzle.

Presently security has been tightened around him and the Rivers Ijaw Summit is expected to hold as planned on Friday 26th June 2015 at the prestigious Hotel Presidential Atlantic hall. obtained another eye witness account from another Ijaw youth we will not name for security reasons that reads:


“Please Pray for us


Yesterday (19/06/15) at about 8.00pm, some unknown gunmen stormed the house of the secretary of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) and shot and killed one of our Rivers Ijaw Heroes committee member. The assailants asked us all to lie face down said where is the Money…. We responded that we do not have any money, that we were there for a meeting. They said if we did not bring the money they will finish us all. They then shot our colleague Mr Sylvanus Otueneh and killed him.

One begins to wonder how unsafe it is in our beloved State. How gunmen sniffed the life out of a young and promising man.


Sylvanus – You are my first IJAW HERO. You craved for a none violent approach to liberating the Ijaw Nation. We all agreed to rekindle the non-violent approach adopted by Late Chief Harold Dappa Biriye, Chief Ekenekot, Chief P. J Warmate and others whom we have dedicated the last 2 months to study. We have also agreed to revisit the Willinks Commission Report, 58 years after.


Sylvanus – You stood for the Ijaw Nation until you were gunned down yesterday. You are my Ijaw Hero”

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