Wednesday 23 September 2020
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HEROES OF THE DELTA: A Poem – By Clever Preye

As I paddled through the seamless glide of my journey
From Ogbolomabiri through Nembe Creek to Twon Toru Abadi.
The great Brass Ocean
With Electric wind and cool waters blowing into me a renewed energy
Yes! I found a new strength in me
My melancholy cocoon?
Sitting right on my head!
Across the Opu-Abadi,
I saw the spirit of Adaka the great, Ken Saro wiwa, only brave men were there
Shaking their heads with a full arm of discontent and anger
These great men that went extra miles working tirelessly
With stunning Solidarity.
Day and night,
They fought these enemies of our country
Whose Swift feets of hunger and greed
Look into the eyes of oil pipelines to dance
A new wealth discovered.
Economic growth! They chanted!
We were a fat prey
But for our brave minds who broke out chains of slavery.
It was never our fault
Could we read or write on white papers?
Our tradition was being marred
By foreign ambitions to become richer
Modern civilization made our culture miserable
Air and water pollution
Creating flood and drought.
Economic growth!
At the cost of our Lands and Rivers
Did we think of secession?
With tribalism wiggling it tails?
For the love of our country
We begged Our waters
To keep Us Together
Ijaws, Itsekiri, urhobo
Okrika, kalabari and Nembe.
We stood together to fight the common enemy
We still stand together
Although, Our Leaders of today
Another dishonorables
Whose self acclaimed strife hasn’t saved us from marginalization
Has done no liberation yet to our soul
Leaders of tomorrow
Have taken resolution not only to the ink
We shall go up to great men
With illuminated minds
To revive our arts, science, music and literature.
Forgive us oh Delta
For crimes humanity against thee commited.
Clever Preye, a Young Poet and Writer is of the Department of English and Literary Studies, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island,  Bayelsa State

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