Saturday 31 October 2020
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Governor Dickson Attacks Timipre Sylva


The highly anticipated Bayelsa governorship debate may have come and gone but not without creating some ripples. The event which took place at Teriel Event Center in Yenagoa saw the major contenders jostling to become governor of Bayelsa State put their intellect to work by means of outlining their policies and programmes to Bayelsans.

However, despite the call for peace amongst the candidates a disagreement broke out between governor Henry Seriake Dickson and former governor Timipre Sylva. The problem started when Timpre Sylva referred to Henry Seriake Dickson as the “outgoing governor,” statement which saw Dickson fuming and highly agitated and he verbally attacked Sylva for addressing him in such manner. It however took the intervention of the moderators to quell the situation.

It will be recalled that the Bayelsa State governorship election billed to take place on Dec. 5 will be a keen contest between former governor Timipre Sylva of the All Progressives Congress and Henry Seriake Dickson of the Peoples Democratic Party who are seen as the major contenders. Others candidates include, Moses Siloko Siasia of the Peoples Democratic Movement, Barrister Henry Apeli of the Democratic Peoples Congress, etc.

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5 thoughts on “Governor Dickson Attacks Timipre Sylva

  1. ebi pamo

    well it is normal for one to get agitated when a looser calls you an outgoing Governor, when he wasn’t even considered a minister and now has to come running for a governorship position he once held for 5 years and couldn’t write home anything nice rather brought havoc and fear amongst the people of Bayelsa.

  2. Hon Subi

    Gov.Dickson spoke with boldness, if you call what happened at the debate yesterday an attack than you do not know the use of English and shouldnt be on a plat from like this. no one will sit and watch some use baseless point against his government…. its the height of disrespectful to call a sitting Governor out going.

  3. Dinipere onya

    Y use such word lyk, “outgoing”, it’s not in his position to determine or say dat cos d citizens re d ones who has a say in dat come dec 5. He shld focus more on d issue at hand dan say all d gutter words in his mouth.

  4. eliora johnbull

    lool… Dickson did not attack him well, because timpre don’t have respect and know how to talk. APC has lost cos they have the worst candidate ever. #IWANTDICKSON2015


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