Friday 10 July 2020
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Happy 60th Birthday to you,  Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Like all humans before you, during your time and long after your journey on this earth you have your flaws,  but none can deny that you are a man with a great destiny that even your worst enemies can’t wish away.
Like the vast majority of Ijaws I have interacted with,  I believe you owed us more than you gave us,  yet,  what you failed to do does not change the fact that for good or bad,  you are the standard bearer of the Ijaw, Niger Delta and all oppressed minorities in Nigeria. When my children ask me who is the highest ranking Ijaw Public servant of all times,  your name would still remain the correct answer.
It’s so amazing to believe that you are just getting to the official retirement age for Civil servants in Nigeria. With how you have dominated the Bayelsa and Nigerian political landscape slowly and steadily in the past 19 years,  one would easily mistake you for a much older man.
In you we still draw inspiration of the possibilities in, even a system as flawed as Nigeria’s,  for those who prepare themselves. In you we know that a PhD is still more important than Generale, even in backward societies like ours.
The history of Civil Governance in Nigeria will never be written without a befitting eulogy to you for your great and unusual sacrifice in conceding defeat even before results were officially declared in Nigeria’s Zero-sum polity. For the peace and safety of lives and property that your auspicious decision brought, I thank you.
Happy birthday President GEJ
His Royal Flyness Fortune God’sSon Alfred Twitter @ElMagnificento1 Instagram @kingfga

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