Tuesday 25 February 2020
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Bayelsa Decides 2019: Promoting Local Content Through Election Expenditures


As the Bayelsa Governorship Race thickens, we shall soon conduct #LocalContent Audit on the various campaign organisations to ascertain the direction of their campaign funds.  We shall investigate and report on where Aspirants spend their funds to see if such funds are returning to the State Economy or not. For instance, we shall ascertain if funds on Branding(Shirts, Caps, Posters,  Banners,  Billboards, etc) Social Media,  Traditional Media, Catering Services, Logistics etc are spent here or elsewhere.

We shall also check to see if the backroom staff of the campaigns are dominated by Bayelsans or outsiders. We are aware that campaigns are not run by the formal committees announced but by backroom staff in charge of policy,  strategy etc.  Thus we shall ascertain if your campaigns are using Bayelsans for these or outsiders. Don’t get us wrong,  your funds are yours to deploy as you deem fit,  but our audit is premised on the sound believe that Bayelsa has all the human resources you would require to win any election in Bayelsa.  And if you are not ulitizing them now,  we wonder when you would.

The thing is,  the way an Aspirant runs his/her electoral campaign gives us a window into understanding and projecting on how they would  run government if elected. Candidates who heavily depend on external human resources to win elections seldom appreciate local talents.

But as we have said above all the human resources a Candidate needs to win the Guber race in Bayelsa is in Bayelsa.  Candidates just need to be ready to pay them for their professional works the same way they would pay outside Professionals rather than attempt to make them unpaid supporters while paying outsiders -some of which are even less talented-huge fees. The advantages of utilizing Locals with Content, who have a better grasp of the playing field of the State cannot be over-emphasized.

So head hunt, engage and adequately pay for the best Locals with content to man all posts in your campaign. Don’t go bring clueless big names to earn huge fees while they would still rely on the unpaid or illpaid locals to get the job while the outsiders take the credit.
Whether you like/know it or not, Competent Bayelans know the political milieu here better than even Cambridge Analytica so use them.

There is nothing you want to achieve in the Social Media, for instance,  that you would not find a Bayelsa based ICT firm that has been quietly doing great works you admire for big brands without knowing the hands underground.

There is nothing you want to do in branding and promotions that you wouldn’t find Bayelsan creative and Brand Experts to deliver on.  Go to Otiotio road for instance you would find the printing presses.

There is no campaign shirt you need for instance that cannot be made by Bayelans. Have you not seen the SAYELBA JERSEYS that were design and produced from the scratch to finish by young Bayelsans? Today we have the ability to produce jerseys for Bayelsa United, Bayelsa Queens and any of the State’s sports teams. So what are you looking for?

So rather than spend billions on Channels TV,  AIT National, or National Newspapers and blogs etc to reach our local people in our local election you can spend less on Local media and especially the Social Media  to achieve far more.

Your campaign period should afford you the unique opportunity to identify the Best Human resources your state has to offer so that if/when you are elected you wouldn’t start looking for people to help you translate your vision into reality.

Value and spend on local content to get the best results for your campaign. If you are yet to meet the top echelon of the Bayelsa creative community – we ain’t talking about hollow noise makers – it’s because you have not been willing and ready to pay them right just as you would do others,  but want to merely convert them into unpaid supporters like the rest of the campaign crowd which they are not.

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