Tuesday 11 August 2020
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An Open Letter To Gov Douye Diri: The Unprecedented, Unrestrained Influx of Northerners into Indigenous Ijaw Homelands and Communities — By Dortimi Tawari


May 16th, 2020

His Excellency, Senator Douye Diri
Government House
Bayelsa State

Your Excellency,

First, we wish to use this year’s marking the event of our legend and hero Isaac Adaka Boro, to congratulate you on your assumption of office as the Executive Governor of our beloved state, a victory you least expected but for the grace of God through the Supreme Court. However, the Governorship elections have come and gone, and the dusts seem to have settled for you to steer and take responsibility in governing the affairs of our beloved state. Thus, we assume that there wouldn’t be room for disappointments given the prisms of indigenes of the state, and the fact that you worked, prepared and accepted to run for the office of Governor.

As you begin the gradual process of governance in the state, you may wish to reflect on the ideals of Ijaw Identity and Self-determination, which our hero Isaac Boro stood and fought for. These, amongst other pertinent issues, remain a lingering quest for Ijaw Nation. On the other hand, is the critical and challenging issue of Power and Drinking water in the state capital Yenagoa.
Currently the state is also facing the global Covid 19 pandemic, and doing its best through various mechanisms to tackle the virus.

However, within this situation, there is a very worrisome and frightening influx of ALMAJIRI’S into Bayelsa and other parts of the Niger Delta region. This, we warn constitute a present and clear danger to our existence as a people. Thus we urge you to take proactive steps and action to these menace. We understand that a society’s progress and development require the right mix of individuals with varied skills, however, these Almajiris migrating to the South constitute a menace and potential threat. In addition, there are unconfirmed reports that these migrants are Boko Haram fighters that have been rooted out from Chad and are now heading down south to Islamize and change its demography for political advantage on behalf of the Northern part of Nigeria. Also, the UN have warned about impending terrorist attacks in the South.

Given these influx, we ought to reflect with pertinent questions on why these Almajiris are migrating to the south? Why by mostly night? What’s the role of security agencies in this whole affair? What are the health implications of this influx? As “Commander in Chief”, and Chief Security Officer of our state, it is a given that your constitutional responsibility lie amongst other things, within our collective aspiration, goal, peace, safety and security for the sustainable development of the state. More importantly in dealing with the sudden influx of Almajiris into Bayelsa State. We don’t want to take your silence regarding the influx as acquiescence of the sinister agenda to reintroduce the unpopular and rejected ROGA. In addition, the Ijaw Nation is looking up to you as the rallying point for unity and identity, thus you must take the place and position the almighty God has bestowed on you in such a time as this.

You can use your good office to mobilize other South-South Governors within the BRACED COMMISSION to further amplify the unprecedented influx of Almajiris. Perhaps, a BRACED SECURITY OUTFIT could be established. Or as it were, establish through the Clan System Neighborhood Watch Groups to be championed through our socio-cultural organizations or as been suggested for you to revamp the Forest Guard Agency or Corps under the Ministry of Agriculture or Environment to effectively police or forests and undertake some level of security watch and early warning mechanism for prompt responsive actions. We can not be quiet about the security of our State.

Your Excellency, I thank you for your attention and wishing you good health, good successes, and good fortunes.
Yours sincerely

Barrister Dortimi Kester TAWARI, writes from Yenagoa

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