Saturday 26 September 2020
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A Call To Vote Charles Ambaiowei for Senate Bayelsa Central — By Damfebo Ayebagbalinyo

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It is time to support our very best to the National Assembly in our Ijaw tradition as ordained by the power of Almighty God who created oil and gas in Niger Delta.

Knowledge is the power that we need at this time to change our narrative in the Constitution of Nigeria and what benefits the Ijaw man through the National Assembly, especially the national welfare of people in Bayelsa Central Senatorial District. And Engr Charles Ambaiowei is that needed knowledge. His leadership prowess and intellectual capacity is what the state needs at this point of political anomalies in the country.

Engr Charles Ambaiowei is a futuristic, honest and dependable Leader. He will provide good leadership that would recognise our place in history and unite our people to eat from the good things associated with our Land.

His unequivocal philanthropic nature of life is attested to by many. He is a man that renders selfless service to humanity, being committed to ensuring that everyone is progressing irrespective of religion, ethnicity, etc. He is a man that stands for equity and fairness, proffering solution at all cost.

Engr Charles Ambaiowei is a bridge across the divide. His voice at the national level will bring back the lost glory of Ijaw Land.

He is a hard-working man who goes the extra mile to provide not only necessity but also special extras.
It was the recognition of his altruism and dedication to duty that qualified him to be appointed as Acting President of the umbrella association of the Ijaw ethnic group, IJAW NATIONAL CONGRESS (2013-2017). During his adminstration, the INC was stable and in good shape. It is believed that all the great work of the Congress is done through him.

Engr Charles Ambaiowei is the audience that witness history. His voice at the National Assembly will not let the Ijaw history and struggle to wash down with silence.
As an orator, his words will protect and preserve our glory and resources.

Engr Charles Ambaiowei is the seed ground. He is the hope for our time of harvesting. His representation will be a stand for much plowing in Ijaw Land.

Engr Charles Ambaiowei learns to remember, uses the lessons of yesterday and no longer forget of where the Ijaws are being robbed.

Engr Charles Ambaiowei is a light to this generation. He served as Honourable Commissioner of Works and Infrastructure under Governor Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (whose success story elevated him to Vice President and later President of Nigeria).
His performance as the Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure under the auspices of the celebrated icon of eminence was magnificent. He (Engr Ambaiowei) accomplished some major projects during that period, which today stand as developmental strides in the state and, also have put smile on the faces of all Bayelsans.
To put the record straight, the Ekole Creek Bridge, Ogobiri/Amassoma/Toru-Ebeni Road/Bridge, New Gateway Road, Tower Hotel and International Conference Centre Foundation up to 5th floor are landmark projects constructed in that short administration.

Engr AMBAIOWEI, being tested and trusted, endowed with outstanding leadership qualities, whose achievements are seen by all, was also appointed by Hon. Henry Serieke Dickson as Vice Chairman, Bayelsa State Directorate for Project Monitoring and Evaluation in his first tenure.
Engr Charles Ambaiowoei’s adequate and gratified performance within that short period of time was commended by Hon. Henry Serieke Dickson.
In Hon Henry Serieke Dickson’s second tenure, Engr Ambaiowoei was further appointed as Chairman, NDDC Projects Verification Committee (that work gave instigated the ongoing forensic auditing).

As far as his aspiration is concerned, we in Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area have declared total support for Engr Charles Ambaiowei.

We decided that we have to send our best to be our voice at the national level.

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